My Cat from Hell


Jackson deals with cats that are not very well behaved. He helps couples and all sorts of people with their behavioral issues.
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S10E12 - Philly's Forgott..

Jackson faces one of his greatest challenges when an old friend enli..

S10E11 - Sister Smackdown

In Philadelphia, Jackson helps a cat named Charlee rebuild the confi..

S10E4 - Fluffy's Last Stand

A mother and daughter are being torn apart by their cat, Missy, who'..

S10E3 - Ferocious Foster

Jackson meets an outdoor cat named Henery, who having been forced to..

S9E3 - Nightmare on Cat S..

A troublemaking cat is named after a cinematic serial killer; a coup..

S9E2 - Mayday! Mayday!

A cat guardian about to move to Canada needs help with her two very ..

S9E1 - Scout's Honor

In the Season 9 premiere, one cat is so afraid of another that torme..

S8E10 - A Brave New Cat W..

Jackson goes to a shelter in Los Angeles to help an overaggressive c..

S8E9 - Felines and Frenem..

A tour of the Koneko Cat Café in New York City. Also: Two roommates..


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S8E4 - Scary Tails

Skylar is afraid of its tail, while another is always knocking thing..

S8E3 - Four Blind Cats / ..

Jackson must rescue Meki and Megan from their cycle of co-dependency..

S8E2 - Four Blind Cats

Jackson must rescue Meki and Megan from their cycle of co-dependency..


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S7E3 - Real Housecat of O..

Peggy Tanous needs help with her cat Shadow.

S7E2 - Darkness Comes Kno..

A relationship's in jeopardy when a woman is repeatedly attacked by ..

S6E7 - Chloe the Bully

A cat ruins furniture in a couple's beachfront home after they spent..

S6E6 - Appetite for Destr..

A cat that eats everything, including shoes, towels and bedspreads, ..

S6E5 - When the Fat Lady ..

Opera music soothes a cat that otherwise is so violent its owners ha..

S6E1 - Hungry Like the Wolf

In the season premiere, newlyweds who both have cats bring them toge..

S5E10 - Demon Cat

Alyssa's cat, Tosh, terrorizes her boyfriend Andy; Eric and Kaotar's..

S5E9 - Demon Cat

Alyssa's cat, Tosh, terrorizes her boyfriend Andy; Eric and Kaotar's..

S5E8 - Multi-Million-Doll..

Frankie the cat pees and poops all over Daniel and Desiree's new dre..

S5E7 - Mama Mia!

Greg and Dina have three children and a vicious cat; Tenille's cat, ..

S5E6 - Scared to Laugh

Alex fears that her mother will get rid of Meeko; Symone will attack..

S5E5 - Scared to Laugh

Alex fears that her mother will get rid of Meeko; Symone will attack..

S5E4 - Stalking Miss Daisy

A cat stalks another and constantly attacks it; a man regrets giving..

S5E3 - Surprise Attack Cat!

Jackson helps out two cats one called Whiskey and the other called L..

S5E2 - Blood Thirsty

A cat that gets night terrors divides newlyweds; a cat's vicious beh..

S5E1 - Sky Dive Nightmare

In the Season 5 premiere, a skydiver has two energetic Savannahs tha..

S4E18 - Hell-iday Special

A couple's first holiday together is potentially ruined due to a Ben..

S4E17 - Where Are They Me..

Jackson revisits clients from the first four seasons of the show to ..

S4E16 - Crazy Daisy

A shelter cat dubbed ``'' flies into rages and suffers from self-inf..

S4E15 - Devil Cat

A long friendship between three women is put at risk by the evil beh..

S4E14 - Evil Kashmir

A man invites his girlfriend and her foul-tempered feline into his h..

S4E13 - Buddha Bullies He..

Rick's cat, Buddha, bullies his friend and roommate, Hector; a coupl..

S4E12 - Max Hates My Family

A hellish feline destroys an Italian family's close-knit bonds; a wo..

S4E11 - My Cat Ruined My ..

A couple want to move in together, but an uncooperative cat stands i..

S4E10 - Cat Horror Show

A cat-show contestant takes her aggression out on the judges; a man ..

S4E9 - Bea Hates CeCe

A woman and her sweet cat are terrorized by a nasty feline; a Persia..

S4E8 - Chubs

An aggressive cat worries an expectant couple; a woman who wants to ..

S4E7 - The White Tornado

A cat marks everything in its owner's home; a new cat causes trouble..

S4E6 - Graveyard of Peed ..

A one-eyed cat with cerebellar hypoplasia torments another feline; a..

S4E5 - Macho Cat

Cat bully Buddy makes life miserable for fellow feline Lita; a kitty..

S4E4 - Feral Scottish Fold

A cat attacks others that live under the same roof with ruthless eff..

S4E3 - Penny Hates Puck

A cat's stuffed animal causes odd behavior that confuses its owners;..

S4E2 - Roommates From Hell

A 95-year-old woman suffers violent attacks by her cat; a woman live..

S4E1 - DeafBlindand Biting

In the Season 4 premiere, a cat that is hearing- and vision-impaired..

S3E10 - Bitten

A couple can't figure out how to get their cats to stop fighting; a ..

S3E9 - Big Boi Ruins Our ..

A couple expecting their first child worry how their cat will react ..

S3E8 - My Cat Is a Bully

A cat attacks its owners in addition to their visitors; a cat is agg..

S3E7 - My Cat Eats Everyt..

A couple's cat eats everything, forcing them to employ childproofing..

S3E6 - Cat Escape!

A couple's family won't visit because of a cat's temper; a woman's c..

S3E5 - Roscoe the Menace

A couple's cat ruins furniture, knocks things off shelves and climbs..

S3E4 - Kitty Jail

A cat's constant crying wakes its owners up at 4am, and a guest bath..

S3E3 - Kitty Dearest

A cat's hissing and scratching confounds its owners, who differ on h..

S3E2 - My Cat or My Family

indicates audio description, (HD) indicates High Definition, indicat..

S3E1 - Cat Fight!

In the Season 3 premiere, a couple's two cats can't be left unsuperv..

S2E6 - Spitting Mad

A cat's habit of vomiting and attacking when it's angry has a couple..

S2E5 - Cat Fight!

A woman's cat attacks her roommate every chance it gets; newlyweds m..

S2E4 - Pissed Off!

A woman's cat chases her and her boyfriend, scratching everything in..

S2E3 - On the War Path

A cat's aggressive style comes between an engaged couple; a veteran ..

S2E2 - Mad Max

A Bengal cat disturbs the peace; a cat sneaks into an apartment.

S2E1 - Terrorizing My Cli..

In the Season 2 premiere, a man's proposal to his girlfriend is inte..

S1E3 - Wildcat!

A couple is surprised to discover that the cat they're fostering - n..

S1E2 - Fifi's Ruining My ..

Betrayal via cat is this week's theme. After being given away by her..

S1E1 - He Hates My Boyfri..

A cat named Bear attacks Hannah's boyfriend, Matt. Matt loves his fi..