Madam Secretary - Season 4


A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life.
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S4E22 - Night Watch

Elizabeth and cabinet members brace for the fallout at home and abro..

S4E21 - Protocol

When terrorists threaten to cause a flood in the Middle East that co..

S4E20 -The Things We Get ..

Elizabeth must watch what she says and does when she deals with a re..

S4E19 - Thin Ice

Elizabeth is attending a summit in Montreal to resolve territorial c..

S4E18 - The Friendship Game

Elizabeth’s negotiations for a security agreement combatting gang ..

S4E17 -Phase Two

Senator Morejon puts phase two of Elizabeth’s U.S./Iran arms deal ..

S4E16 - My Funny Valentine

As the 20th anniversary of the American embassy bombing in Mali appr..

S4E15 -The Unnamed

Elizabeth and the team are caught in an uncertain situation when the..

S4E14 -Refuge

Jay and Kat devise a way to help persecuted foreign LGBTQ citizens e..

S4E13 -Reading the Signs

Elizabeth seeks creative solutions when the president of Sri Lanka's..

S4E12 - Sound and Fury

After President Dalton hears about a sonic attack at the U.S. Embass..

S4E11 - Mitya

When Vice President Hurst feels threatened that Secretary of State M..

S4E10 - Women Transform t..

Secretary of State McCord struggles with the realization that she ma..

S4E9 -Minefield

Secretary of State McCord reluctantly agrees to host a holiday party..

S4E8 -The Fourth Estate

Secretary of State McCord and her staff work with the Mexican govern..

S4E7 -North to the Future

When a Russian dissident flees to the U.S. after contracting smallpo..

S4E6 - Loophole

Henry disagrees with the President and Elizabeth when they refuse to..

S4E5 - Persona Non Grata

Elizabeth is determined to continue to hold a human trafficking conf..

S4E4 - Shutdown

As the government shutdown shows no sign of progress, Secretary of S..

S4E3 - The Essentials

With a government shutdown looming, Elizabeth must think outside the..

S4E2 - Off the Record

While Elizabeth is in Libya to help negotiate an end to their civil ..

S4E1 - News Cycle

When the assistant vice minister of Timor-Leste suddenly dies during..