Madam Secretary - Season 2


A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life.
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S2E23 - Vartius

When Elizabeth receives shocking news about an important political o..

S2E22 - Render Safe

The United States debates enacting a “render safe” mission to se..

S2E21 - Connection Lost

When President Dalton gets word that the world’s most wanted terro..

S2E20 - Ghost Detainee

After Elizabeth delivers her first speech to the United Nations Gene..

S2E19 - Desperate Remedies

After learning that a member of the inner circle of the terrorist or..

S2E18 - On the Clock

As Elizabeth holds peace talks between the prime ministers of India ..

S2E17 - Higher Learning

While Elizabeth accompanies Alison on a college campus tour, she is ..

S2E16 - Hijriyah

Elizabeth has 20 minutes to decide if she should question a person c..

S2E15 - Right of the Boom

After a shocking event occurs on American soil, Elizabeth must answe..

S2E14 - Left of the Boom

Elizabeth deals with extremely sensitive issues in Saudi Arabia as s..

S2E13 - Invasive Species

After Henry's father dies, painful and shocking family secrets are u..

S2E12 - The Middle Way

When Elizabeth travels to Myanmar to sign a Pacific Rim trade agreem..

S2E11 - Unity Node

An unanticipated turn of events threaten to dissolve a peace deal wi..

S2E10 - The Greater Good

Elizabeth and President Dalton discover a secret that could impact M..

S2E9 - Russian Roulette

Henry shares information that causes Elizabeth to reconsider her the..

S2E8 - Lights Out

Elizabeth, Russell and Mike B. must oust Craig Sterling from his rol..

S2E7 - You Say You Want a..

With the president's support, Elizabeth hopes to make history by lif..

S2E6 - Catch and Release

Elizabeth is determined to seek justice when an American aid worker ..

S2E5 - The Long Shot

Following President Ostrov's death, President Dalton and Elizaeth fe..

S2E4 - Waiting for Taleju

When Elizabeth disagrees with the president's response to tension wi..

S2E3 - The Rusalka

The president's administration encounters hostility while dealing wi..

S2E2 - The Doability Doct..

Elizabeth takes advice from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albr..

S2E1 - The Show Must Go On

Elizabeth must take the oath of office when the president's plane di..