Madam Secretary - Season 1


A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life.
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S1E22 - There But For The..

Season 1 ends with Elizabeth recalling turning down a job offer by t..

S1E21 - The Kill List

Elizabeth discovers an assassination plot against the Iranian presid..

S1E20 - The Necessary Art

A Russian nuclear submarine disappears in American waters, putting E..

S1E19 - Spartan Figures

Elizabeth works with President Dalton to solve the Greek debt crisis..

S1E18 - The Time Is at Hand

A congressman is taken hostage while attempting to negotiate with th..

S1E17 - Face the Nation

Elizabeth struggles to hold herself together emotionally following t..

S1E16 - Tamerlane

Elizabeth makes a secret trip to Iran in hope of preventing a coup.

S1E15 - The Ninth Circle

The Turkish government releases a potentially damaging video; Jason ..

S1E14 - Whisper of the Ax

Elizabeth's staff fails to find existing corruption in her microloan..

S1E13 - Chains of Command

A Bahraini diplomat is caught holding a maid hostage; Henry's father..

S1E12 - Standoff

Political tension surrounds Elizabeth's extradition deal regarding a..

S1E11 - Game On

Elizabeth, Henry and Isabelle search for a secret bank account.

S1E10 - Game On

A deranged gunman puts the State Department on lockdown; Matt reveal..

S1E9 - Collateral Damage

Elizabeth investigates a plane crash that killed Secretary of State ..

S1E8 - Need to Know

After being reactivated to the NSA, Henry lies about it to Elizabeth.

S1E7 - Passage

Elizabeth brings Alison with her on a trip to India; an earthquake c..

S1E6 - The Call

Elizabeth asks the president for help with a dire situation in Weste..

S1E5 - Blame Canada

Elizabeth must negotiate with Iran regarding their escalating nuclea..

S1E3 - The Operative

A hostile reporter threatens to publish confidential documents leake..

S1E2 - Another Benghazi

Elizabeth has her hands full with a crisis in Yemen, plus there's tr..

S1E1 - Pilot

Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord faces an abundance of political ..