Gold Rush Alaska


A reality TV show that follows crews mining the gold placer deposits of the Yukon Territory.
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S9E2 -Smoked Out

Rick faces mutiny from his crew of greenhorns. Parker visits his par..

S9E1 - Declaration of Ind..

This year, Rick Ness has decided to step it up and become a mine bos..

S8E19 - Independence Day

Tony's dredge teardown hits a wall when they attempt to remove the h..

S8E18 -King Kong

Parker buys his first Klondike claim, but gets an unpleasant surpris..

S8E17 - PlanesCranesand V..

Parker suspects Tony of sabotage on his new ground and confronts him..

S8E16 - Of Monsters and Men

Parker threatens to shut down Rick's Indian River operation after th..

S8E15 - Broken

Parker Schnabel moves a massive wash plant on his own. Todd Hoffman ..

S8E13 - Lost Gold

Hunter makes a rookie mistake that causes dysfunction for the Hoffma..

S8E12 - Eclipsed

Todd's Colorado mine is in the path of a rare solar eclipse, but he'..

S8E11 - The Holy Grail

Todd discovers a historic mine site that could save his season and b..

S8E10 -The Devil's Finer

As safety inspectors arrive, Hunter commits a serious violation, whi..

S8E9 - Gold Bars and Hail..

Todd has ran out of luck and ground, until he makes a desperate play..

S8E8 -The Mighty Uppercut

Todd is falling way short of his target and with his business strugg..

S8E7 -Inferno

A massive forest fire tears through the Klondike toward Parker's cla..

S8E6 - Colorado Strikes B..

Todd shuts down his operations to support Freddy Dodge as he pleads ..

S8E5 - Son Dethrones Father

Parker Schnabel fights rising floodwaters to save his cut; Hunter Ho..

SE - The Curse of the Fai..

Todd races to construct a massive holding pond before a storm hits. ..

S8E3 - The Viking vs. The..

Todd interferes with son Hunter's wash-plant, pushing their relation..

S8E2 - Blizzards and Bull..

A rogue gunman fires shots at the Hoffman crew; frozen ground destro..

S8E1 - Wagers and Wars

Todd and Parker go head to head in a $100k bet over who will mine th..

S08E00 – “The Nine Mi..

In an action packed look at Season 7 of Gold Rush Parker faced the t..

S7E100 - Special: Nuggets

Following in the footsteps of legends, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness..

S7E22 - War and Peace

A look back at the last season of Gold Rush including an exclusive s..

S7E21 - Final Fury

As each crew attempts to hit their final goals, a fist fight on the ..

S7E20 - Viking Voyage

Todd uses dynamite to blast monster boulders and get to the gold, Pa..

S7E19 - Dredge vs. Washpl..

Todd finds monster nuggets on the top of a mountain, Parker and Rick..

S7E18 - Miners vs. Beavers

Freddy Dodge discovers that a beaver dam blockage is the reason why ..

S7E17 - Cruelest Cut

Circumstances force Parker Schnabel to call his dad in to help his s..

S7E16 - Double Trouble

The Hoffman crew opens a second mine in Colorado; Parker Schnabel tr..

S7E15 - Excavator Down

Todd Hoffman eats humble pie when he begs his old crew to return, Pa..

S7E14 - Parker vs. Rick

Rick outperforms Parker on his new Indian River claim; Tony's dredge..

S7E13 - Lifeline

The remnants of the Hoffman crew are at their lowest, but someone br..

S7E12 - Abandonment

Todd struggles to continue mining after his crew quits; Parker reckl..

S7E11 - Game Over

With no paycheck for five weeks, Todd Hoffman's close-knit team turn..

S7E10 - Go Down Fighting

Todd Hoffman hits rock bottom when a key crew member quits; Tony Bee..

S7E9 - Record Gold

Tony breaks records with the biggest gold haul in series history; Pa..

S7E8 - Mega Barge & Kid C..

Todd digs deeper than ever before in a desperate quest for gold; Ton..

S7E7 - Watery Grave

Tony arrives to find his million-dollar dredge in disaster. While Ri..

S7E6 - No CraneNo Gain

Todd moves his entire operation and begins to run pay dirt at a new ..

S7E5 - Misery on the Moun..

Todd battles to get the fifty ounces of gold he needs to keep his Hi..

S7E4 - Mutiny

Todd finally finds good gold at his new High Bar mine; Parker gives ..

S7E3 - Eye in the Sky

Todd Hoffman's new Oregon mine fails to deliver; Parker Schnabel's n..

S7E1 & 2 - Miracle on the..

Todd Hoffman takes a gamble and turns his back on guaranteed gold in..

The Story So Far

The rags-to-riches story of gold miners Todd Hoffman and Parker Schn..

S6 Special - Freddy Dodge..

As you may have guessed already, Freddy returns. Also, Dave has been..


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S6E2 - Gold Ship

No description

S5E22 - The Whole Truth

The miners discuss highs and lows, as well as conflicts and drama be..

S5E21 - Millions in Gold

Parker faces mutiny, the Hoffmans get the largest dozer in the Klond..


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S5E14 - Gold Road

Logan has an accident with the rock truck; the Hoffman crew aims for..


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S5E12 - Ship of Fools

Parker and his grandpa go hunting for a new Klondike Claim. Tony's o..


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S5E10 - Grandpa John

The life of John Schnabel from the Kansas dustbowl, to a career on a..


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S5E7 - Goldzilla

Todd needs a down payment for a big purchase; Parker buys new equipm..

S5E6 - Cursed Cut

Dave and Todd disagree about how to mine frozen ground; Tony's daugh..

S5E5 - Hard Bargain

Dave agrees to work with the Hoffman crew under a new agreement. Ton..

S5E3 - In Too Deep

The Hoffman Crew battles the hostile jungle to get vital mining equi..


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S4E3 - South America - Gu..

After striking out in Chile and Peru, the Hoffman crew, short on tim..

Pay Dirt Special Garnets..

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

S3E18 - Redemption Road

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

S3E17 - Redemption Road

Todd concocts a risky plan; Fred sustains an injury.

S3E16 -Bedrock Blowout

Todd pushes the Big Red washplant to near breaking point on his best..

S3E15 - The Night Shift

Tensions mount between the dayshift and nightshift as Todd pushes hi..

S3E14 - The Merger

Parker explores an abandoned mine; Todd's and Dave's crews join forc..

S3E13 - Pink Slip

Parker hits bedrock at Emerson Trench; Todd shuts down the Quartz Cr..

S3E12 - Dozer Wars

Todd and Dave argue over a bulldozer; Parker's crew threaten to rebel.

S3E11 - Leprechaun Gold

Indian River faces a shutdown; Todd is forced to rebuild a piece of ..

S3E8 - Road To Gold

Todd and his crew finally get to test the new Turbo Trommel. Dave pu..

S3E7 - Road To Gold

Todd and his crew finally get to test the new Turbo Trommel. Dave pu..

S3E6 - The Wrong Claim

Dave realizes that he is unable to mine his new claim; floods threat..

S3E5 - The Wrong Claim

Dave realizes that he is unable to mine his new claim; floods threat..

S3E4 - The Wrong Claim

Dave realizes that he is unable to mine his new claim; floods threat..

Secret Weapons

Todd makes two claims and Parker hires a new crew in the Season 5 op..

S3E2 - The Jungle Aftershow

Todd Hoffman and crew braved the hostile jungle of Guyana in a searc..

S3E1 - Special: Do or Die

Frozen out of the Klondike, Todd Hoffman gets a hot tip on a gold cl..

Special: The Long Road

Special: The Long Road

S2E21 - Aftershow - The L..

The miners field questions from viewers and executive producer Chris..

S2E18 - Revelations

In never before seen footage, the miners unearth the sometimes ugly ..

S2E17 - Judgment Day

The Hoffman crew is desperate to get 100 ounces, but Todd's decision..

S2E16 - Frozen Out

The Hoffman crew battles frozen dirt and frozen pipes as they strugg..

S2E15 - In the Black

The Hoffman crew risks its all to run through the night in a bid to ..

S2E14 - Man Down

A heart attack has 91 year-old mining legend John Schnabel battling ..

S2E13 - Bedrock Gold

A key crew member calls it quits at Quartz Creek. Meanwhile, massive..

S2E12 - Rock Bottom

A broken excavator sidelines the Hoffman crew; Parker Schnabel retur..

S2E11 - Twenty Four Seven

Short on time, the Hoffman Crew decides to run night and day in a st..

S2E10 - Dead in the Water

Jack Hoffman's precious excavator gets stranded in the creek and req..

S2E9 - Behind the Scenes

This Gold Rush special reveals never before seen footage from behind..

S2E8 - Gold At Last

Season 2, Episode 8 - Gold At Last

S2E7 - Gold At Last

The Hoffmans realize they could be losing thousands of dollars of go..

S2E6 - Lovestruck

The Hoffmans are finally on the gold, but a new love threatens to de..

S2E5 - Drill or Die

A crew rebellion forces Todd Hoffman to dig test holes on the claim...

S2E4 - Slippery Slope

The Hoffman crew confronts the permafrost that lies between them and..

S2E3 - Virgin Ground

The crew seeks a new claim in the Klondike to salvage the mining sea..

S2E2 - Twist of Fate

The crew finds gold at the Porcupine Creek claim, and "Dakota Fred" ..

The Off-Season

Todd and Jack go deeper into debt to acquire better equipment before..

S1E11 - Full Disclosure

The Hoffman crew spent five months and over quarter of a million dol..

S1E10 - Never Say Die

Glory hole caves in around the 100,000 pound excavator; Jack puts hi..

S1E9 - Bedrock or Bust

To get to the bedrock and gold Todd and Jack try to dig deeper.

S1E8 - Bad Blood

Season 1, Episode 8 - Bad Blood

S1E7 - Going For Broke

Season 1, Episode 7 - Going For Broke

S1E6 - Gold Fever

After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule and out of money. They..

S1E5 - The Pain Barrier

The equipment malfunctions and the operation is brought to a halt.

S1E4 - The Ultimate Price

The team attempts to finally run potential pay dirt through the wash..

S1E3 - Running Dirt

The crew races to set up the mining plant and start running dirt; te..

S1E2 - GoldGunsand Bears

Season 1, Episode 2 - Gold, Guns, and Bears

S1E1 - No GutsNo Glory

Season 1, Episode 1 - No Guts, No Glory