American Horror Story - Season 1


Both physical and psychological horrors affect a decomposing family, workers and residents of an insane asylum, a coven of witches, a cast of circus freaks, and the employees and guests at a struggling hotel in this haunting anthology series, focusing on the themes of infidelity, sanity, oppression, discrimination, addiction, and exploitation.
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S1E12 - Afterbirth

Constance schemes to raise Tate's baby as her own

S1E11 - Birth

Vivien has her baby; Tate and Violet attempt to rid the house of som..

S1E10 - Smoldering Children

Violet learns about the rules of the house; the explanation for Larr..

S1E9 - Spooky Little Girl

A famous murder victim visits the house; Constance discovers more of..

S1E8 - Rubber Man

The identity of the man in the rubber suit is revealed.

S1E7 - Open House

Moira persuades a prospective buyer to make an offer, but Constance ..

S1E6 - Piggy Piggy

Constance enlists Violet's help in dealing with Tate while Ben helps..

S1E5 - Halloween - Part 2

Tate comes face to face with his past, and Ben and Vivien are haunte..

S1E4 - Halloween - Part 1

It's Halloween, and the line between the living and the dead blurs a..

S1E3 - Murder House

After deciding to sell the house, Vivien learns about its first resi..

S1E2 - Home Invasion

Vivien and Violet get caught in a dangerous situation strangely simi..

S1E1 - Pilot

Bostonians Ben and Vivien Harmon (Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton) a..